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Flexible solutions for your business needs

We offer flexible solutions that help our customers meet critical business needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We leverage our domain knowledge, defined processes, and technical expertise and management skills to develop effective solutions for our clients. We incorporate our comprehensive full-life-cycle development methodology to ensure project success. Our IT services include:
  • Technical Architecture
  • Life Cycle Application Development
  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
  • Quality Assurance/Testing/Usability (Section 508)
  • Legacy Systems Migration/Modernization
  • Data Management
  • IT Security

Technical Architecture

We apply industry standard best practices based on ITIL, CMMI and PMI frameworks in completing technical architecture tasks including but not limited to systems analysis, requirements analysis, impact analysis, risk assessment, and capacity planning for client applications, business systems, tools, databases and data delivery/management resources. In addition, we evaluate and recommend new technologies, infrastructure modifications, industry leading practices and other innovations to provide our clients with a state-of-the-art IT environment. We work hand in hand with our clients in gaining understanding of the new technologies and products that are critical to support the successful implementation of our client's automation environment. We assist in determining the architectural model supporting both the infrastructure and applications that fits our client's business objectives.

Life Cycle Application Development

We provide life cycle application development services for custom software application development, customization of COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) products, enterprise software application development and a wide variety of cutting edge technology solutions. We have experience in automation of manual business processes into sophisticated applications. We provide custom application development on a wide range of technologies. Our solutions and use of technologies are tailored to the needs of our clients. Our key technology expertise in the areas of application development includes:
  • J2EE Application Development
  • .Net Application Development
  • ColdFusion Application Development
  • Database Application Development (Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase SQL Server)

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Our O&M (corrective, adaptive and perfective maintenance) activities focus on:
  • Implementing tailored ITIL based best practices for processes such as change management, configuration management, release management, capacity management, security management and problem management leading to reduced costs and improved operational efficiencies
  • Ensuring business continuity through proactive problem management and defect containment
  • Implementing methods and techniques to continuously monitor the health of the IT applications
  • Rationalization of IT assets (applications and data) to reduce redundancy and maximize efficiencies through consolidation where feasible
  • Continuous process improvement to identify areas of optimization
  • System modifications adapting to changes in laws, regulations, agency directives and any changes that may be necessary because of infrastructure upgrades and standards

Legacy Systems Migration/Modernization

We work closely with our clients to smooth application migration solutions and move their key applications to the latest technology and platform. We have demonstrated expertise in incorporating newer technologies to modernize our clients' applications built using legacy technologies. We have demonstrated expertise in successful migration of applications from mainframe to web-based technologies.

Quality Assurance /Testing /Web Usability (Section 508)

We make our application development activities more successful by providing systematic software quality assurance. Our quality assurance processes ensure that defects are caught and corrected earlier in the application development lifecycle thus improving the quality and reliability of the software product delivered to the clients. Our expertise in automated testing allows us to simplify and manage software quality assurance projects in a cost effective manner. Our areas of testing include:
  • Functional Testing
  • System Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Load Testing/Stress Testing

Data Management

We have extensive experience in managing large volumes of data for our clients. Our areas of expertise in data management include:
  • Database Design and Modeling
  • Database Programming
  • Performance Optimization
  • Intra/Inter Agency data exchanges
  • Data Integrity check and validation
  • Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence
  • Data Analysis and Cleansing

IT Security

We have proven experience in managing secured data applications for our clients. Our security expertise includes:
  • Systems architecture and design to securely handle sensitive data
  • Setup of Processes and Procedures for handling sensitive data
  • Supporting clients' Certification and Accreditation security audits according to NIST standards
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