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Statistical Analyst

Responsibilities include:
  • Conduct statistical analysis of large complex data sets from a variety of surveys as well as databases
  • Design research methodologies at conceptual and applicable levels, including which would be used to normalize data sources, to convert information between Census-designated and HUD-designated areas, to improve the performance of estimators, etc.
  • Produce maps and geographic information system (GIS) analyses using ArcGIS, geospatial analysis, etc.
  • Ensure data quality and provide client with analysis reports pertaining to data integrity, process bias, extremely values, unusual changes and so on, using statistical computational software
  • Interact directly with client and respond to general inquiries on a timely basis
  • Cooperate with support staffs and provide non-technical explanation to those who are not familiar with statistical estimations and methodologies
  • Identify and develop programming modules, create and update SQL, SAS and Python scripts, and generate tabulated datasets from many data sources
  • Create documentations for new requirements, technical designs, testing procedures and standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Bachelor's degree (a higher degree preferred) in statistics, mathematics or related quantitative fields with relevant SAS experience
  • Experience in statistical analysis, system analysis and interpreting results for non-technical audiences
  • Familiar with version 9: Baes SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/MACRO, SAS/SQL, SAS/GRAPH, SAS Enterprise BI; STATA; SQL; Python
  • Expertise in the production of datasets, analysis reports, tabulations, graphics and lists from various large datasets
  • Experience in managing and analyzing geographic and spatial information
  • Proficient in Development, tests and documentations
  • SAS Certified Baes/Advanced Programmer a plus
  • Strong oral and written communication skills

Database Developer

Job Description

The primary responsibility of the Database Developer will be to provide technical support and expertise in the design, implementation, query support, and maintenance of core database management systems and databases that support the data analysis, research, and reporting. This includes designing and developing databases, and processing large volumes of data using databases and data from disparate HUD data systems. The developer will also provide perform Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes and run ad-hoc queries against databases and generate ad-hoc reports.

Experience Requirements:

  • Perform data analysis; Create and update complex SQL queries to support data analysis using industry standard databases like MS Sqlserver, Oracle and MS Access
  • Database programming, data processing functions, and Software/System Development Life Cycle Methodology. Ability to lead a task and automate work processes.
  • Designing and developing relational databases in a production environment preferably HUD, based on interviews with customers and translation of very general requirements; a thorough knowledge of the syntax, capabilities, and limitations of a programming language such as T-SQL, PL/SQL as well as responsibility for implementation of the database.
  • Analyze, design and code stored procedures; packages and triggers; and creating design documents for customer-specific implementation and enhancement requests.
  • Extraction, transformation, and loading of large volumes of data, including automation of batch processes to reduce manual processing needs.
  • Proficiency with Oracle Database Server (SQL) 11g/12c, Oracle Database administration, including database backups and restore, user creation, and role administration.
  • Tool development using access or web a plus
  • Manage large volume data securely
  • Build tools to enable client to perform self-service Adhoc reports
  • Business intelligence tool experience is a plus
  • Create documentation and other system artifacts Requirements and design documents, Standard operating procedures (SOP), and test documents like test plan/test scripts.

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Information Systems, Engineering, or other related discipline.


Systems Analyst

Job Description

Cloud Nine Technologies, Inc, a growing and dynamic consulting company is looking for a Systems Analyst with a strong analytical skills and hands-on experience in building Business Intelligence applications using tools like Micro-strategy, SAS, Tableau etc. in building Dashboards, drill down reports, mobile applications, OLAP cubes, Custom Groups, Metrics etc.

Responsibilities include:
  • Participate in Business Intelligence solution life cycle (design, development, test, implementation and product support) using scrum and other agile methodologies
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams and business owners to gather requirements, develop specifications and recommend appropriate solutions based on program design, user experience, historical data and system functionality
  • Develop test protocols or plan for testing revised application and review test results
  • Work closely with DBA’s on data modeling, database changes and SQL performance tuning; and Support the quality testing process, write up technical requirement documents, attend client meetings, and document all requested changes
  • Analyzes specifications, formulates programming approaches, and validates requirements with clients
  • Defines procedures for producing verifiable results. Identifies and develops programming modules
  • Provides quality control pertaining to program output and data files
  • Create Data dictionary and file layouts; Develop crosswalks data sets
  • Ability to create and update SQL queries
  • Creating and validating data reports
  • Create documentation – Requirements, Technical design, testing procedures and Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • M.S or equivalent or B.S. Plus 5 years of experience in Computer Science, Engineering or Related Field.
  • Expertise in the production of datasets, analyses, tabulations, graphics and listings from large datasets
  • Proficient in Development, testing and documentation
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
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